Scotland vs the Beast from the East

A wee bit of snow isn't enough to dampen the Scottish spirit

Since Tuesday night, much of Scotland has been under an Amber or Red Met Office severe weather warning as Storm Emma hits. Storm Emma, bringing snow and wind across Europe from Russia, has been lovingly nicknamed "The Beast from the East". The severe weather conditions have caused much of Scotland to grind to a halt, with train and bus services cancelled, airports closed and thousands of schools and nurseries closed.

Conditions are treacherous, with police advising people not to travel unless they are an emergency worker.

However, far be it for Scottish people to be defeated by the weather. With Wednesday and Thursday becoming an unanticipated break from work for much of the country, in true Scottish spirit, we made our own fun.



And of course the Scottish generosity of spirit always shines through in times of hardship:





The penguins at Edinburgh Zoo were loving it too.

I think it's fair to say that the score is Scotland 1, Beast from the East 0.

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