St Andrew’s Day

St Andrew is Scotland's patron saint and on November 30 we celebrate St Andrew's Day with the rest of the world.

St Andrew's philosophy was simple: share what you have with those less fortunate and be kind to each other. Each year we celebrate these principles with a host of parties and special events for everyone to enjoy!

Who Was St Andrew?

Who Was St Andrew?
Who Was St Andrew?

St Andrew is Scotland’s patron saint, but who was he? What did he do that was so saintly? And how did he get the honour of becoming Scotland’s patron saint?

St Andrew’s Day Features

If you’re interested in finding out more about St Andrew, we’ve got a whole host of fascinating features all about our patron saint…what are you waiting for?!

St Andrew’s Day Events

Here are some of the most exciting St Andrew's Day celebrations, featuring Scottish music and culture, happening all around Scotland this November. Will you join us?


This St Andrew’s Day is going to be something really special. On November 30, Scotland is coming together to share little acts of kindness with each other in tribute to our kind and generous patron saint.

#BeLikeStAndrew Film

On the 30th November, Scotland is celebrating St Andrew's Day by sharing little acts of kindness with each other. Watch our #BeLikeStAndrew film here. 

St Andrew’s Projections

St Andrew’s Projections

Locations across Scotland have joined together this November to celebrate St Andrews Day by projecting a message of compassion, inclusivity and support for others onto iconic Scottish buildings. See the light show here.

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