Scotland is recognised across the globe as a land of unrivalled history, breath-taking scenery and warm welcomes, but you may not realise that Scotland is also an innovative, diverse and progressive nation, and one which plays its part in addressing key global challenges. 

Brand Scotland has a clear vision; for Scotland to be recognised as a leading global citizen and a highly desirable country in which to live, work, study, visit, trade and invest. It brings together the collective communications efforts of the Scottish Government and key partners (VisitScotland, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Development International, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Universities Scotland, Creative Scotland and Scotland Food & Drink) to harness our energy, expertise and resources and to increase the impact of all our work in building Scotland’s global reputation.

Brand Scotland tells the authentic story of Scotland as a bold and positive country, rich in history and heritage but moving forward in a way that is progressive, pioneering and inclusive. We’re waking the world up to the fact that Scotland is a country that is challenging old ideas, inviting new investment, creating opportunities, supporting industry and driving technological advances that embrace humanity around the globe. 

Our New Single Nation Brand Marque

A new single nation brand marque for Scotland has been created by the Brand Scotland partnership in collaboration with key stakeholders across a range of sectors including culture, education, tourism and business. The marque has been developed to be a strong and enduring emblem of Scotland that unites our work and supports collective efforts to build Scotland’s international reputation. It symbolises who we are, and the values which help make our country unique. A Scotland which is progressive, creative, welcoming, pioneering, determined and has generosity of spirit.

The graphic marque has been inspired by two icons that are synonymous with Scotland - the thistle and the kilt. Inspired by the wild, free-flowering thistle, and its ability to thrive in the most unlikely places, the new marque reflects our values of generosity and determination. The design concept also draws inspiration from fanning and swaying pleats of kilts in motion which is rendered in one single line of upward movement and momentum creating a unique, organic visual perspective. The flowing singular line and progressive gradient represent a diverse nation united by shared values.

The lettering style draws from Scotland’s cultural heritage with Celtic and Mackintosh influences placed within a bold, vibrant colour palette to juxtapose the traditional with the contemporary and represents both our progressive outlook and hues found in our landscape and environment. We couldn’t think of a better image to represent Scotland.