Enhance your relationship with an adventure in Scotland’s great outdoors. 

You might have found that special someone. But even if your match is made in heaven, it won’t last forever without both partners investing plenty of time and energy in strengthening their bond.

As February is the month of love, it is the perfect time to consider fun new activities to strengthen your relationship.

With incredible landscapes right on your doorstep, discovering how keeping the spark alive can be as easy as taking an adventure in Scotland’s outdoors – and not just because of the romantic scenery!

Scientific studies demonstrate time and again how being outside with nature can have a revitalising effect on mental and emotional health. In fact, according to a 2020 study by Cornell University published in Frontiers of Psychology, as little as 10 minutes outside can improve mood and alleviate mental and physical strain.

It, therefore, makes perfect sense that enjoying an outdoor activity as a couple could be the quickest way to inject some vitality into your relationship.

Here are five ways getting out and about in Scotland’s great outdoors can help your relationship go the distance.

Boost Energy Levels with Breath-taking Views

If you feel like you and your partner are trapped in the same old routine, one of the quickest and most effective actions you can take is by simply putting one foot in front of the other and taking a walk or hike in one of our national parks or natural heritage sites. Get those feel-good endorphins pumping and escape the anxieties of modern life with just each other for company. Even better, ensure your journey features spellbinding views and swoon-worthy spots as backdrops to your rekindled love affair.

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Reconnect on a Romantic Retreat

Career and family commitments can take a toll on romantic relationships. Take the time to properly reconnect on a secluded retreat surrounded by stunning scenery. Whether you opt for a camping trip or a stay in a cosy cabin in a remote area, savour the peace and privacy of a romantic escape surrounded by natural beauty. Feel the tension melt away and allow yourselves to re-open the channels of communication undisturbed by the hectic pace of modern life.

Choose from an eclectic array of accommodation ranging from winter hideaways to glamping options and other great country getaways. You might even consider unplugging completely, switching off your smartphone and trying a digital detox.

Build Trust on An Outdoor Adventure

Planning and undertaking an outdoor adventure as a couple requires focus, teamwork, and a great deal of trust. In fact, it could be said that couples that explore outdoors together are more likely to cultivate a strong bond. It could be a simple case of relying on the other to make a reservation or booking. Or you could be entrusting them with a higher-stakes responsibility like reading a map, packing essential equipment, or simply looking out for their safety during an outdoor excursion. No matter how adventurous your trip or activity, your nature break is guaranteed to instil faith in your partner and relationship. It’s a great way to acquire new skills and hone valuable traits you can apply to your life together. From pitching a tent to paddling a two-person kayak or even preparing a meal over a campfire using wild-growing foraged ingredients, enhancing self-confidence and resilience through new experiences can lead to greater relationship satisfaction.  

Great outdoor activities for couples:

Shake Things Up with Some Healthy Competition 

Engaging in a little friendly competition with your significant other is a sure-fire way to invigorate a relationship. Any competitive activity can add a much-needed dose of fun and novelty to our romantic lives. Fortunately, Scotland’s outdoors serves as the backdrop for a huge array of competitive and team-based activities. Challenge each other to a game of golf, see who can reach the summit first during a day of Munro-bagging, or try can catch as many waves as you can on your surfboard. Whatever you choose, you’ll end the day revitalised and with a whole new level of respect for your beloved.

Competitive outdoor activities for couples:

Increase Heart Health

The benefits that outdoor adventures offer when coupled with exercise – particularly cardiovascular, include improved mood, vitamin D production, reduced stress, and weight loss; all of which benefit your capacity for romance. You can combine exploring Scotland’s outdoors with your partner while running and cycling, both of which are key when it comes to dramatically improving heart and lung health. Often thought of as lone sports, running and cycling offer the chance to catch up properly with each other taking in some truly spectacular locations.  

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Whether your romance is just budding or long-term, all relationships require nurturing. Making time for an exciting day filled with fresh air, spectacular scenery and heart-pumping adventure is one way to reignite the spark which brought you together in the first place.

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