This year, we want to bring everyone together – even though we are apart – and so we’re creating a ‘Global Toast’ this Burns Night. Join us, and some of Scotland’s best-known celebrities, as we raise a glass to Scotland’s National Bard.

What is a toast?

Toasting is an important part of any Burns Supper, and if you’ve been to a Burns Night event in the past, you’ll know that there are several different toasts throughout the evening. Depending on the event, it’s common to toast the arrival of the Haggis and the immortal memory of Burns himself as well as the always good-natured ‘Address to the Lassies’ and ‘Reply to the Laddies’ toasts.

Toasting has existed Western culture for centuries and can be traced as far back as the 1600s. In formal settings, a nominated individual – known as the Toastmaster - offers a short expression of gratitude or goodwill towards the specific subject. Once the toastmaster has finished speaking, the rest of the group will usually raise their drink in agreement before taking a drink. However, more informally, proposing a toast can be as simple as raising a glass in the direction of someone or something.