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Location, Location, Location

Whether you’re looking for bustling cityscapes for your blockbuster, idyllic winding roads for your car advert or jaw-dropping vistas for your latest epic – Scotland is definitely the place to be. The great news is that all these things can also be found just a short drive from each other, making for an enviable wealth of easily accessible filming locations.

For decades, Scotland has been seen as the perfect location to suit a huge array of genres. From sci-fi to horror and comedy to musical, there are a mountain of wonderful examples of how companies have utilised Scotland’s surroundings for their cinematic goals. Check out a few examples here. (link to Scotland on screen page)

St Abbs (used in the filming of Avengers: Endgame)

Light(s), camera, action!

Scotland is ideally located on this little planet we call Earth, meaning we benefit from extreme hours of daylight and darkness, so we’ve definitely got the right light to fit your tone.

During the summer months, Scotland sees up to 17 hours of daylight, meaning that you’ve got the extra time you need to get those last-minute shots in before the end of the day. The same can also be said in the winter, when daylight only lasts up to 8 hours in some parts of the country - perfect for those dark, moody undertones!

The added  bonus is that this also means that you don’t need to worry as much about rushing around, as you’ll have plenty time to enjoy the view and get the job done.

Right people, right place

When you want to make a great piece of film or television, it’s important to get the right people – so you can trust that the job is being done the right way. Luckily for you, Scotland is bursting at the seams with high-quality, well-trained individuals.

The creative industries sector in Scotland currently employs up to 80,000 people, contributing up to £3.7 billion to the Scottish economy each year. Throughout the country you’ll have access to award-winning producers, directors, cast and crew to give your production the edge.

However, we’re not stopping there! We understand that the industry is constantly changing and we’re relentlessly expanding our training programmes and facilities to ensure that we remain ahead of the game in providing skilled talent across the board.

Saving pennies

Even on the biggest budget productions, we know that people want to make every penny stretch as far as it can, the good news is that we have a range of generous tax rebates for UK productions.

Tax-relief options for creative companies in Scotland, include:

  • High-End Television Tax Relief (HTR) - a 25% rebate for scripted television projects with a minimum core expenditure of £1 million per broadcast hour.
  • Film tax relief (FTR) - your company can claim FTR on a film if it is intended for theatrical release and at least 10% of the production costs will be spent in the UK. All projects will need to pass a cultural test set by the British Film Institute.

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