When you move to Scotland, one thing you'll be guaranteed is a friendly welcome. You can also help make your move go as smoothly as possible by taking the time to research what matters to you most.

Priorities are likely to include: finding a home, starting work, opening a bank account, registering with a doctor and researching schools. You can find information on all of these matters and more on TalentScotland.com.

TalentScotland can also help with information on organising a visa, arranging removals and storage, and making travel plans for any pets.

Here is some key information on aspects of life in Scotland:

Migrating to Scotland

Moving to Scotland can be a painless process if you take the time to research and prepare for your application. There are many ways you can go about relocating to Scotland and it's important that you choose the correct one for your situation. Can you move to Scotland?

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People living in Scotland can take advantage of a full and diverse range of healthcare, with the National Health Service (NHS) and both private and complementary medicine practices available.

The majority of NHS provision is free and any care which is accessed privately is paid for directly or, more usually, through one of several private healthcare insurance schemes. Newcomers to Scotland are eligible for free NHS care, provided they have valid visas of at least six months.

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Scotland has an outstanding world-wide reputation in education. Scotland has a comprehensive state education system and all children attend school from age 5-16 years, with the option of continuing until the age of 18. All children are provided with free nursery education for two years prior to beginning school. Scotland also offers further and higher education through a network of world-class universities and colleges.

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Finding a home

Finding a place to live is of course one of the most important considerations when thinking about moving to Scotland. Depending on how long you're going to be here, you can either buy or rent a home. Whichever you decide to do, you can look forward to a huge range of housing options, both in town – where you can choose between everything from waterfront apartments and large Victorian homes to more modern houses – and in the country, within easy commuting distance of the city.

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