Scotland's Migration Service is delivered by a charity called Citizens Advice Scotland and a law firm called Seraphus. The service is paid for by the Scottish Government.


The Scottish Government launched Scotland's Migration Service because we want to help people to settle in Scotland. This is because we value the huge contribution people who move here make to our communities and our economy.

We also want to make it easier for employers to hire the people they need and for investors to set up businesses in Scotland. This is because we want Scotland to continue to be one of the best places in the world to do business.

Read more information about the Scottish Government’s plans to meet Scotland’s population needs.


In autumn 2024, the service will open to people who are living in another country and who want advice on how to move to Scotland.

We will add more information, including guidance on a wide range of topics for people who have recently moved or are planning to move to Scotland, international students, employers, and investors.

Employers and investors will be able to access webinars on visa and immigration tips for specific sectors.  


To ask a question about Scotland's Migration Service or to send us feedback, please contact: migration@cas.org.uk.

Our policies

For more information about our policies and procedures, please read our Scotland's Migration Service terms of service.