Pioneering innovation is in Scotland’s soul. We have a legacy of invention, research and knowledge that continues to this day and is being secured for the future. Scotland is a place where the opportunities to enrich your event are plentiful, where your delegates can collaborate in the home of innovation, where your ideas can become legend. Join the journey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Project legend Technology


Scotland has for centuries led the world in technological innovation, from John Logie Baird’s television, to deep sea robotics and transformative communications technology. Discover your next world changing idea in a destination where ideas become legend.

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Project Legend Education Coming soon


January – February 2018
Scotland has a reputation as a global leader in education standards. It has produced a vast array of inventors, innovators, pioneers and leaders through its pursuit of academic excellence. Discover your next world changing pioneer in a destination where ideas become legend.

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Project legend Creative Coming soon


March – April 2018
Scotland’s creativity is diverse, from art & design, crafts, fashion, music, performing arts, software, architecture, globally renowned festivals to a booming gaming industry. Discover your next global influencer in a destination where ideas become legend.

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