In a large sauté fry pan heat up a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

Season the sole with salt and a little fresh ground white pepper. Dust in flour and shake of the excess.

Carefully place the fish into the medium-hot pan and cook for a minute top-side down. Once you get this side a light golden colour turn over and place the whole pan into a medium-hot oven or under a medium-hot grill. Cook for approximately 3-4 minutes and then turn back over so the presentation side is upwards.

Add the butter, garlic and lemon juice to the pan and spoon over the fish to baste.

Add in the capers and samphire (if you can get it), and spoon over the fish to get as much flavour into it as possible.

Carefully remove the fish from the pan with a large fish slice and place onto a plate. Top with the capers and samphire and sprinkle a few fine herbs or sakura cress on top of that. Serve immediately with some simple new potatoes.

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