In season in the winter months, Scotch Lamb was amongst the first European meat products to receive Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status back in 1996, putting it in the same category as products such as Champagne and Parma Ham. This dish braises the lamb and is served alongside mashed potatoes and grilled tomatoes as a hearty dish to share or entertain.

Prepare the lamb shanks:

  • Place the lamb shanks in a large pot
  • Season generously with salt and pepper
  • Douse with olive oil
  • Place in oven at 450 degrees for 30 minutes

Add the vegetables:

  • Dice the onion, carrots and turnip
  • Remove the lamb shanks from the oven
  • Add diced vegetables to the pot
  • Add vegetable stock until ¾ of the lamb shanks are covered
  • Add ½ cup of tomato paste and mix in
  • Add two bay leaves, four sprigs of thyme, and two cinnamon sticks
  • Add ½ cup of red wine
  • Season with salt
  • Place in oven at 350 degrees for 5 hours

Prepare the tomatoes:

  • Slice the tomatoes in half
  • Place on a sheet tray
  • Thinly chop the garlic cloves
  • Place a slice of garlic on top of each tomato
  • Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt
  • Top with fresh thyme
  • Place in oven with the lamb shanks at 350 degrees for final 1 hour

Prepare the potatoes:

  • Peel the potatoes
  • Cut the potatoes into quarters
  • Add the potatoes to a pot of water and sprinkle with salt
  • Bring to a boil using a high heat, then reduce to simmer for 30 minutes

Reduce the sauce:

  • Remove the lamb shanks from the oven
  • Remove the shanks from the pot
  • Skim the fat from the top of the sauce
  • Place pot on a high heat for a ½ hour

Broil the tomatoes:

  • Place the tomatoes under the broiler for 2-3 minutes

Mash the potatoes:

  • Remove the potatoes from heat, and place in a bowl
  • Mash the potatoes
  • Add 2 tablespoons of butter
  • Hand whisk the potatoes

Final presentation:

  • Place the mashed potatoes in the center of the plate
  • Place a lamb shank on top of the potatoes
  • Add a grilled tomato
  • Cover the lamb shank in the reduced sauce
  • Garnish with rosemary
  • Serve and Enjoy!
  • *All measurements are U.S. measurements.

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