We believe that nothing really compares to seeing your favourite musician live, which is why we have so many amazing music venues. From small and intimate sets to massive stadiums, you're never far away from a great gig in Scotland!

There's a reason the world's top musicians keep coming back to Scotland to play live gigs, we just do live music better than anywhere else! We love live music and it's no secret that Scottish audiences have been recognised by some of the world's top musicians as being among the best in the world.

Scotland's UNESCO City of Music

The beating heart of Scotland's live music scene is Glasgow. The city's passion for music was acknowledged when it was officially recognised as a UNESCO City of Music. Glasgow is also home to some of Scotland's most historic venues, which have welcomed global superstars and launched the careers of some of the biggest bands in the world. From massive arenas to tiny music halls and clubs, Glasgow's many venues offer plenty to both musicians and music lovers alike. Some of the most famous venues include:

Smaller venues around Scotland

Glasgow might be the epicentre of live music in Scotland, but you can find excellent gigs all across the country. There are great venues around the country - from tiny nightclubs in Edinburgh to intimate concert halls in the Highlands, here are a few of the other prominent venues to be found around Scotland.