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If you need help identifying the best immigration options to support your organisation, you can book a free one-hour appointment with an immigration lawyer.

You will receive confidential, clear, and personalised legal advice.

Check if you can book an appointment

You can book a free one-hour appointment, if you are:

  • An organisation based in Scotland wanting to employ international staff
  • An overseas business wanting to expand your business in Scotland
  • An individual, business investor or entrepreneur wanting to set up a business in Scotland

The appointment is for immigration advice. Check Scottish Development International for business and tax support matters.

About the appointment

The advice service is provided by a law firm called Seraphus. Seraphus is fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Your appointment will be with an immigration lawyer. During the appointment, the immigration lawyer will assess your organisation’s immigration needs and outline options to meet these needs.

You can book a one-hour advice appointment by using Seraphus’ online booking form. Simply choose a time for your appointment and select the best option for your video call.

You will receive a confirmation email after you've booked an appointment. The email will explain what information you should prepare and what will happen at the appointment.

If you need help to make an application for a sponsorship licence or visa, then you will need to instruct an immigration lawyer. You will be given information about finding an immigration lawyer who can help you make an application during your appointment. 

Book an appointment

Book a free appointment with an immigration lawyer for advice on visas and immigration specific to your organisation.

Book an appointment

For information about how your data will be used when you book an appointment, please read the Seraphus privacy policy.