From wave-powered generators and whisky to high-fashion tweeds and globally-famed steaks, goods and services showcase Scotland's remarkable variety of exports. We can help you find the product or service that your business needs.

Food and drink

Scottish produce is hard to beat, that's why it's exported around the world. From our world-renowned whiskies, meat and seafood, to small-batch gins, craft beers, and baked goods, Scotland is the home of quality and flavour. If you’re interested in buying premium food and drink products, we can help.

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Scotland’s textiles are among the finest in the world. Some of the fashion industry’s top brands - such as Chanel, Louis Vuiton, Mulberry and Vivienne Westwood - source their materials from Scottish exports.

We can help you find textiles for fashion, interiors and technical use, including knitwear, woven fabrics, leather, lace and technical textiles.

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Oil and gas

Oil and gas have long since been among Scotland's main exports. We have around 2,000 supply chain companies that specialise in everything from drilling and safety to enhanced recovery and decommissioning.

We’re Europe’s oil capital. Aberdeen is a global hub for the industry, and trading with Scotland can open up access to new markets across the world.

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Our commitment to developing renewable energy sources means that Scotland's energy supply chain companies have developed the innovative products and services that your company needs.

We have over 300 companies in the renewable energy sector, specialising in heat technology, marine energy, offshore wind, onshore wind and more.

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Our universities and colleges have a track record of working with overseas partners through educational and research partnerships, as well as our graduates being among our finest Scottish exports. 

If you're seeking undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, executive education or Continuous Professional Development programmes, these can be tailored to your local markets.

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