Logo Guidelines

Qualifying criteria

Individuals/groups undertaking WW100 commemorative activities are permitted to use the logo if the event/organisation meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Remembering the role and sacrifice of Scottish service men and women, including those who did war work but not in uniform;
  • Reflecting/raising awareness of the global impact of  WWI, notably on nations in Europe and the Commonwealth;
  • Reflecting/raising awareness of the domestic impact of WWI in Scotland during 1914-1918 and the lasting social and civic legacy of the war;
  • Achieving a balance of tone between remembrance and celebration and allow for a spirit of research and enquiry;
  • Raising awareness of the resources available to help local commemorations and family research;
  • Providing opportunities for young people to learn about the war and its resonance to contemporary life in Scotland and internationally.

Approvals process

  • A central point of contact acts on behalf of the Panel to approve each individual request for the logo. Please contact this panel member by emailing ScottishCommemorationsPanel@scotland.gsi.gov.uk for approval.
  • In order to use the logo individuals/organisations must provide the following:
  • Contact details
  • Name of the organisation
  • Event details – 50 word summary
  • Proposed logo usage e.g. online, print, etc.
  • In order to use the logo individuals/organisations must commit to present the proposed reproduction of the logo in situ (i.e. prior to it going to print or going live on a website) to the panel’s central point of contact for approval.  Commercial organisations would be asked to ensure that they make reference to the identified key commemorative dates as well as providing a link on their website which would direct interested parties to the Panel’s website.
  • The Panel’s central point of contact is the only way in which organisations can get official permission to use the logo.

How to use the logo

  • The logo for the WWI Centenary Commemorations should be used consistently and correctly, and must never be altered in any way. The logo should be shown suitable respect. 
  • The WW100 must always sit on top of the SCOTLAND and the WHAT DO WE LEARN FROM ALL TH1S?
  • The logo should always appear in its entirety.
  • The colours used should always be red and black:
    • The red should be:
    • PMS 180
    • CMYK 0, 70, 79, 24
    • R193, G56, B40
  • On A4/A5 and 1/3 A4 the logo should not  be smaller than 67.5mm wide by 27mm.
  • On A1/A2/A3 the logo should not be smaller than 116.75mm by 46.4mm.
  • The logo should be positioned either on the top right or bottom right whenever possible. 
  • On printed and digital materials there should be clear space between the logo and any other logo.  No other logo or design element should be touching the logo.
  • The logo is available in English and Gaelic.
  • The logo is available as EPS, PNG, JPEG and TIFF