Scotland is home to one of the best health and social care systems in the world – the iconic NHS – and the good news is – we’re hiring!

Scotland is a progressive nation built on dynamism, creativity, and the fabulous warmth of its people. Our National Health Service – NHS Scotland – is the biggest employer in the country, providing jobs to people in more than 70 different professions, and its workforce is its greatest asset.

With so many different professions, this means that there’s lots of exciting opportunities up and down the country for people looking to move to Scotland to work in this hugely rewarding sector. So, whether you’re looking for a position in one of our hospitals, a GP surgery, a care home or you want to provide care for people living at home, we’ve got something for everyone.

Don’t just take it from us, though. Find out from other healthcare professionals why a job with NHS Scotland is so good!

NHS Scotland is an iconic institution and is incredibly well-known and respected around the world. This revolutionary healthcare system has served as a beacon of light to people in need for more than 70 years.

However, what many people may not know is that the introduction of free universal health care like the NHS owes a great deal to developments right here in Scotland. For example, a state-run healthcare system was actually operating in parts of Scotland for more than 30 years before the NHS came along.

Since its creation, quality and people are at the very heart of everything that NHS Scotland does, as they aim to provide safe, effective, people-centred care to those in need. This means that, for many health and social care professionals – both at home and abroad – working for NHS Scotland is a real dream.

“I feel like NHS Scotland is very forward-thinking. I feel that everyone works together for a common goal. It feels like everyone is inclusive, everyone is valued!” - an NHS Scotland employee

an NHS Scotland employee

But there’s so much more to a career with NHS Scotland, with many benefits to living and working in this incredible little country…

With the average cost of living up to 50% lower than that of London, people who live and work here really get the best of both worlds: high quality of life and affordable living!

We also have world-renowned, stunning sights and attractions right one your door step, meaning you can take advantage of an incredible work-life balance to get out and explore Scotland’s great outdoors

“We’ve got really good rail and airport links and it’s a good quality of life – you’ve got all sorts of outdoor activities and pursuits on your doorstep. […] It’s a really good place to bring up a family”. - an NHS Scotland employee

an NHS Scotland employee

If you’re considering the next step in your career and living in a country that was named "the most beautiful in the world" by Rough Guide readers appeals, then look no further. We actively encourage applications from qualified staff from outside the UK – which makes Scotland the perfect match for your career aspirations.

Whether you’re a trained medical professional, or have experience in other areas of the health or social care sector - come and check us out.

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Pursuing a career as a General Practitioner (GP) in Scotland  

Scotland is a great place to embark on a career in medicine. By pursuing a career as a GP, you will have lots of exciting opportunities for varied and fulfilling work, both in urban and rural areas.

You’ll also have lots of autonomy in your working life and the type of work you would like to undertake, with lower list sizes and competitive remuneration.  

As a GP in Scotland, you can choose from a range of posts and develop extended skills as an Expert Medical Generalist.

You can choose to work as a salaried GP for the NHS or become a partner in one of Scotland’s 900 independent practices.  

Find out more about pursuing a career as a GP in Scotland on