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World-renowned Scottish workforce

Talented, skilled, hard working and creative in everything we do. These are just a few of the key factors that have led to a Scottish workforce that is envied across the world. And in every Scottish industry, from people-based hospitality and tourism to pioneering computing gaming and cutting-edge scientific laboratories, you’ll discover the Scottish workforce has the same high levels of professionalism and dedication.

Education really does matter

Scotland’s education system is internationally renowned and gives rise to a motivated workforce. Our country also has an impressive number of university and doctoral research graduates, each contributing to an increasingly better educated and skilled population.

In addition, there is a growing emphasis on the vocational skill-sets of our children and high school graduates and, as a result, entrepreneurialism thrives. There are many examples of Scots who have created globally successful businesses, including Sir Tom Hunter, David Ogilvy and Belinda Robertson.

Why do business in Scotland?

1. A low-risk option

Scotland is home to over 2,000 foreign firms with a combined turnover of £100bn, including Amazon, Blackrock, HERO BPO, Intelenet, Mitsubishi, SKNL, Tata Steel, and United Spirits.

2. High returns

Scotland is one of the most cost-effective regions in the UK, with a quality labour force and continuous stream of talented graduates. Operating costs in Scotland are almost 30% lower than London. In 2013, Scotland was the top UK region for foreign direct investment projects outside of London according to Ernst & Young.

3. Centre of innovation

Scotland has a strong tradition of creativity, ingenuity and invention. Scots pioneered MRI scanning, the ATM, cloning research (Dolly the sheep), television, and penicillin.

4. Educational excellence

Scotland has five universities in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings Top 200 and is the most highly educated country in Europe according to the Office for National Statistics. An impressive quality of graduates and skilled young population ensures high skills availability.

5. Research & Development

In 2013/14, Scotland secured 33% of all R&D projects into the UK. The number of R&D projects attracted into Scotland hit a record high of 17 – an increase of 70% from previous year.

6. Scientific success

Scotland is internationally renowned for scientific expertise. The Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews are rated amongst the top 20 best scientific institutions in the world for scientists.

7. Academic collaboration

Scotland's 19 higher education institutes work with over 26,000 companies every year to turn R&D into new products.

8. Small country, big reputation

Scotland was ranked 15th in 2012’s Anholt GfK Ropers Nation Brand Index. Our brand reputation outstrips many similar sized nations.

9. Angel investment

Scotland has more angel investment per capita than any other country in Europe.

10. Quality of life

Scotland’s workforce enjoys a high quality of life, from accessible commuting times and vibrant cultural scene, to having the great outdoors on your doorstep. It’s no coincidence that in 2014 Inverness was ranked the 2nd happiest place to live in the U.K.

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