Robert Burns

There aren’t many Scots who can claim such international recognition as Scotland’s most famous poet Robert Burns. Today tributes to the bard abound on the date of his birth, the 25th of January, known as Burns Night. Readings  of his renowned poetry and the meal Burns supper form the centerpiece of a ritual celebrated worldwide

Scotland’s Bard

Jan 2014

As William Shakespeare is Englands national bard so Robert Burns is Scotlands.

And over 250 years after he was born into a poor Ayrshire farming family the universal appeal of many of his poems and songs endures.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

Jan 2014

At New Year, on St Andrews Night and on Burns Night, Auld Lang Syne Burns famous song of friendship unfailingly rounds off the celebrations in homes, village halls, ballrooms and at street parties around the world. Unfailingly because there isn't another song, with its attendant ritual of linking arms and sashaying back and forth en masse, quite like it.

Burns Festival

Jan 2014

"When chapman billies leave the street, And drouthy neebors, neebors meet; As market-days are wearing late, An folk begin to tak the gate; While we sit bousing at the nappy, An getting fou and unco happy" Tam O'Shanter by Robert Burns

The Immortal Memory

Jan 2014

A mainstay of Burns Suppers, the Immortal Memory celebrates Burns' enduring spirit. It's a fitting tribute for one who himself did so much to preserve and popularise Scotland's rich historical, cultural and literary heritage.

Lasting inspiration of Robert Burns

Jan 2014

What is it about Robert Burns? Not even Shakespeare is remembered so personally with an annual birthday celebration. It is in the spirit of the lasting inspiration of Scotlands National Poet that we invite you to celebrate Burns Night.

As ithers hear us

Jan 2014

This Burns Night, as you clear your throat before launching into a well-practiced rendition of Tam O'Shanter or 'Holy Willie's Prayer', be sure to mind your Ps and Qs, or should that be your Rs and CHs?

Burns love poems | Poetry by Robert Burns

Jan 2014

It could be argued that, for Burns, the lassies tended to be a fatal attraction. However, the legacy is in a canon of love poetry that spans the range of emotions from celebration of physical intimacy, through the pain of loss and separation, to the celebration of enduring friendship. From the joys of a romp-in-the-hay to the dizzy heights and strains of Platonic love, from the complications of divided loyalties to the lament at fate's cruel twists, Burns travelled far and wide in the realm of the heart during his brief lifetime.