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Stunning mountains, rugged landscapes, gothic castles and unspoilt wilderness – it’s no wonder the Scottish film industry attracts some of the world’s leading filmmakers and television producers.

Few places are as photogenic as Scotland - home to the UK’s highest mountains, deepest lochs, largest tracts of forest and, of course, buzzing cosmopolitan cities. It's a climate many creative minds finds alluring.

Scotland’s film industry has evolved dramatically over the last decade and now boasts a cinematic repertoire which attracts some of the biggest names in the business including productions featuring Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson and Daniel Craig.

From action packed thrillers, rib-tickling comedies or boutique art house films, Scotland has been the setting for an eclectic range of productions. In short, this country has a thriving film and television scene which continues to place Scotland centre stage when it comes to the silver screen.

Scottish filming locations

Scotland enjoys an enviable wealth of easily accessible filming locations situated a short drive from each other. From a base in Edinburgh and Glasgow, producers can choose from gritty modern urban scenes, to centuries-old castles to rural untouched wilderness.

The abundance of quiet roads set in picturesque surroundings also make Scotland an attractive proposition to many car advertisers. And with the longest daylight hours in the UK (up to 18 hours of daylight in the summer months), there is the golden opportunity  of more shooting hours per day.

The settings for filming in Scotland are undeniably breathtakingly beautiful: from the haunting beauty of Rosslyn Chapel in Roslin, Midlothian which featured in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code to the visually stunning Glenfinnan Viaduct in the Highlands which set the backdrop for the children’s classic, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

As a result of the versatility and accessibility of its filming locations, Scotland has provided the setting for a number of high profile films over the last few years including Fast and Furious, Cloud Atlas, The Dark Knight Rises and Bond movie, Skyfall.

Famous Scottish actors

Scotland boasts a number of homegrown talents who have become international stars. To name a few: Gerard Butler, Sean Connery, Tilda Swinton, Ewan MacGregor, Kevin MacKidd, Robert Carlyle, John Hannah, James McAvoy, Dougray Scott, Kelly MacDonald and David Tennant.

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