We love our football in Scotland. And ever since the referee blew his whistle at the first ever Scotland – England game in 1872, it’s fair to say that there has been a healthy rivalry between our two nations. But this match was significant for a number of reasons – it was also the first ever international football association game to be played. Watched by some 4,000 spectators at a cricket ground (yes, cricket!) in Glasgow, the game resulted in a respectable 0-0 draw.

Since then our national team has played around the world, supported by legions of very special fans, known internationally as the ‘Tartan Army’. When they’re not singing us to victory in their kilted attire, they are winning awards and raising money for charity.

It’s true that we can’t boast too many firsts on the World Cup front, but as it was Scotsman William McGregor who set up the very first English football league, we can always hold our head high. Other Scottish firsts also include:

  • First Football Club, Edinburgh, 1824
  • First International Football Match in Hampden Park, Glasgow 1872
  • First National Football Museum in the World, Hampden 1994

The home of Scottish football

The home ground of Scottish football is Hampden Park in Glasgow. A stadium which has witnessed some of football’s most significant moments, and set the stage for Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and U2. Not forgetting the spectacular opening ceremony at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Hampden also holds the European record for attendance at an international game: 149,415 people at the Scotland and England game in 1937. Nowadays the capacity is a much more manageable 55,000 - but the excitement is every bit as momentous.

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Hampden Park - Scotland's National Stadium