We may be small, but we've always held our own on the international stage.

Scots can be found sharing their skills, wisdom, ingenuity – and friendship – everywhere from the USA and Canada to Australia, India and China. We've influenced everything from space exploration to technology, world class academic institutions to government policies.

These Scots around the globe have helped create and maintain Scotland's international reputation - establishing the iconic recognition Scotland enjoys today. Today there are more than 40 million people around the globe who claim Scottish ancestry.

We see our international community as an extension of Scotland. No matter your ties to Scotland, we have communities and networks available for you to connect with others who feel a kinship with Scotland. 

For those in business, our GlobalScot network currently connects more than 1,500 industry leaders and professionals. Our alumni communities also enable people who studied in Scotland a chance to reconnect with those they studied with, as well as acting as hubs of activity, from business opportunities to social events. If you want to explore your Scottish heritage you can find out more by visiting our ancestry page.

From maintaining our reputation as a Good Global Citizen to expanding and cementing our strong connections with our international friends, find out more about Scotland around the world.