Facts About Scotland

Situated within a vibrant Europe, Scotland is progressive nation built on dynamism, creativity and the fabulous warmth of its people. Here you will find a range of Scottish facts, from information on its diverse and dramatic landscape and natural resources to facts about Scotland’s population, economy and industry.

Tourism is one of Scotland’s most lucrative assets, focusing on such attractions as golf, walking and a rich history. In industry, too, the country is pioneering and enterprising. Key business sectors include life sciences, electronic technologies, energy and financial services.

Scotland also boasts a thriving export market with an impressive global reach, especially in food and drink – including Scotland’s famous whisky – and chemicals.

Our people are also a major strength. In the workplace, we are well-educated, skilled and motivated – and we are proud of our heritage of inventiveness and innovation.We also like to play – whether it’s a party, festival or sporting event.

While Scotland is a small nation it has big ambitions.

Capital Edinburgh
Largest City Glasgow
Official Language(s) English, Gaelic, Scots
Government Constitutional monarchy
Queen (of the UK) Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister (of the UK) Theresa May MP
First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon MSP
Area 78,772 km² (30,414 sq mi)
Population Around 5.2 million
(National Records of Scotland)
Population Density 64/km² (167.5/sq mi)
GVA per head £19,744 (2009)
(Office for National Statistics)
Currency Pound sterling (GBP)