From world-renowned festivals to grassroots endeavours, Scotland has a proud tradition of celebrating cinema and the arts throughout the country.

We host a number of annual film festivals, the most widely recognised being the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Attracting around 200,000 visitors every year, the festival draws Hollywood A-listers and high profile movie premieres to the Scottish capital.

Our smaller festivals are no less exciting; the Glasgow Film Festival brings big personality to the traditional festival format, while the grassroots style of the Loch Ness Film Festival celebrates filmmaking of all kinds and encourages offbeat submissions.

For those situated in the remotest parts of Scotland there is even a Mobile Film Festival which travels to remote locations transporting a mobile cinema!

Edinburgh International Film Festival

Started in the same year as the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival is the longest continually-running film festival in the world. Since it first began in 1947, the festival has promoted excellence in film and showcased the best of British filmmaking as well as international talent from around the globe.

For 10 days each June, the festival shines a spotlight on the most exciting and innovative cinema of the moment; both emerging and established filmmakers come to showcase their work and engage in a wider discussion about cinema's important role in the arts. Recent notable premieres have included films like Little Miss Sunshine, The Hurt Locker, Billy Elliot, Fish Tank and Brave.

Edinburgh Short Film Festival

Edinburgh Short Film Festival is devoted to screening the very best in the world of short films. Since being founded in 2011 the festival has shown everything from the first film made in Somalia in more than 20 years to Oscar nominated shorts from across the globe.

Keen to offer a platform to all short films, the festival has also shown films that have had to be smuggled out of countries like China and Iran. The festival runs in November each year over eight nights at venues across Edinburgh and is Scotland's largest dedicated short film event.

Glasgow Film Festival

Inaugurated in 2005, the Glasgow Film Festival celebrates the best of old cinema and champions new filmmakers from around the world. The unique festival is as much about the experience as the film itself; from historic cinemas to swimming pools, venues from all over the city are transformed into makeshift movie theatres that offer audiences the chance to develop a new relationship with film.

In addition to the traditional raft of awards, the Glasgow Film Festival has a special Audience Award where audiences have the chance to recognise their favourite films from first or second-time directors by voting after the screenings of each film.

Loch Ness Film Festival

Set against the stunning backdrop of Loch Ness, the Loch Ness Film Festival was inaugurated in 2010. The grassroots festival promotes the best of independent Scottish film and promote a love of cinema. The programme offers something for everyone: there are high budget and low budget films, world premieres and showings of time honoured favourites.

Shorts, feature and documentaries are all represented; selection is based on the strength of storytelling and show of imagination rather than budget or technical experience, making the Loch Ness Film Festival one of the most enjoyable and accessible film festivals in the county.

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