• Maintain a standard of conduct that will uphold the good reputation of the Saltire Scholarship Programme and the institution at which they study.
  • Actively participate in the programme’s extra-curricular events. Scholars will participate in a welcome reception and an end of year conference. (Scholars may be excused from attending in the event of exceptional circumstances).
  • Support communications activity promoting Scotland and Scottish higher education, based on their own experience. This might include:
    • Posting on social media about their time and experience in Scotland.
    • Being available for an interview (including on camera) during either the welcome or end-of-year event, granting Scottish Government and the relevant university the right to use  the text and footage indefinitely.
    • Agreeing that the Scottish Government can use any photographs, blogs, quotes etc in connection with your Saltire Scholarship participation for marketing purposes. 

Termination of Saltire scholarships

To maintain the integrity of the Saltire Scholarships and its alumni network, the Scottish Government may remove Saltire Scholars from the programme – for example where they do not adhere to the principles of the programme; or where their continued membership of participation may cause embarrassment or damage to Scotland’s reputation.

At any time, the relevant higher education institution will be able to recommend to the Scottish Government the removal of a Saltire Scholar from the programme, for disciplinary or other issues that they consider make that individual’s continued participation in the programme inappropriate.