Why study in Scotland?

There are many reasons why it makes sense to study in Scotland. Check out our top 10 to see which ones appeal to you.

1. If you want high quality teaching and learning in a country that has led the way in education since the early 15th century, look no further. Scotland is home to some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities as well as some of the finest specialist and modern institutions.

2. Approaches to learning in Scotland are diverse, encompassing traditional lectures, seminars and tutorials, as well as e-learning, problem-solving and work-based opportunities in state-of-the-art environments.

3. Diversity is one of the great strengths of the Scottish higher education system. Each institution decides on the content and means of assessment of its programmes meaning that no two courses are the same.

4. Scottish universities are internationally renowned for the quality of their research. They have been responsible for many world-changing discoveries including the MRI scanner and keyhole surgery. Today, they lead the way with world-class research and development in areas such as life sciences and the energy sector.

5. The campuses of Scottish universities are amongst the most cosmopolitan in the world. Over 11.3% of students studying in Scotland are drawn from across the European Union and about 10.1% from the rest of the world.

6. Flexibility is at the heart of Scottish education. You will be encouraged to build a programme that suits your needs, including cross-faculty study.

7. All Scottish universities have embedded employability into their learning and teaching strategies. As a result, graduates from Scottish universities have the highest rate of positive destinations and highest starting salaries sixth months after graduating than anywhere else in the UK (HESA, 2011).

8. With its natural beauty, friendly cities, world-renowned festivals and good travel infrastructure, Scotland is a wonderful place to study, work and live. In a recent survey, 86% of students said they would recommend the Scottish experience to others and 91% said Scotland was a good place to be.

9. There is a strong and growing economy in Scotland. Close partnerships between business and academia have helped new industry sectors to emerge and thrive, including renewable energies, medical and digital technologies and the creative industries.

10. Scotland has a fascinating history. And today, our creative minds continue to break new ground and challenge convention, particularly in areas such as computer gaming, literature, fashion, textiles, music and animation.

Still not convinced? Watch this.

Study in Scotland from SUIG on Vimeo.