Eris Young - Saltire Scholarship Recipient

Eris is working towards obtaining MSc in Evolution of Language and Cognition from the University of Edinburgh.

"Hello! My name is Eris Young. I studied linguistics as an undergrad in Los Angeles with a focus on language change, so the University of Edinburgh’s MSc in Evolution of Language and Cognition seemed a logical next step, and an opportunity to study in a new country-- the polar opposite of sunny California. The program has taken me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to embrace new areas of study, like biology and computer science, that would have been intimidating for my former self. For me, the opportunity to study in Edinburgh has also been an opportunity to work with scholars who are at the forefront of the emerging field, that of Language Evolution.

"Despite the cold weather, I’ve found Scotland to be an incredibly warm, bright, welcoming country. The vibrant and diverse city of Edinburgh, and especially the university here, embodies a combination of old and new that seems essentially Scottish: I have found myself working with leaders in my field of study in state-of-the-art facilities, sometimes in buildings that are over a hundred years old, and all within view of ancient Arthur’s Seat.

"The financial support provided by the Saltire Scholarship has allowed me to enrich my educational experience outside the classroom. I’ve explored Edinburgh, Inverness and Glasgow, and I plan on visiting the Highlands and the Hebrides over the holidays. It’s a relief to know that as a Saltire Scholar I am free to travel and experience Scotland with that much more freedom, and a further comfort to know that organizations like the Saltire Foundation value the kind of work that I want to do."

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