The Edinburgh Science Festival is the UK’s largest Science Festival with almost 270 events for families and adults over the course of two weeks. 

For the first time ever the festival is being held in summer, and this year will explore how we are all connected – to each other, to Planet Earth and to the wider Universe – with the captivating theme of ONE WORLD: Science Connects Us.

Online there will be 160 digital events and experiences for all ages, delivering an exciting mix of exhibitions, presenter-led workshops, science shows, discussions and downloadable family activities.

While things are different this year, the festival will also be focusing on outdoor experiences such as walks, tours, trails, exhibitions and installations. 

Families can look forward to a jam-packed programme of fun and educational events and activities.. For adults, the programme will feature discussions, debates, workshops, tastings and nights out, all with a scientific twist.


The Edinburgh International Science Festival was the first event of its kind in the world and is still Europe’s biggest. Founded in 1989 as an education charity to encourage people to discover the wonders of the world, this two week-long festival was developed to celebrate science and technology and communicate the excitement and benefit both can bring.

Throughout the year, the festival also runs a touring education programme in Scotland, including interactive science shows for schools, as well as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) focused career fair.


Here’s a glimpse of what went on at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire 2018. This popular event is where creators demonstrate their inventions, experiments and works in progress in an inspiring, hands-on environment.