About Scotland Week

Every year in the USA and Canda thousands of people come together to celebrate Scotland Week, the annual celebration of all things Scottish.

For the last seven years the Scottish Government, Visit Scotland, SDI and many others have been putting on events and working together to create uniquely a Scottish experience for everyone taking part.

With over 50 million people across the world claiming Scottish ancestry (the majority of them in the USA and Canada) Scotland Week is a chance to reconnect people with their heritage.  It's also an opportunity for those with an interest in Scotland to find out a little bit more.

As part of Scotland Week New York will once again play host to the ever popular Scotland Run and Tartan Day Parade on April 5th.

As always the full programme for Scotland Week contains some of the most exciting music, theatre, and art to come from Scotland. 

The full programme will go up on www.scotland.org's Scotland Week but keep coming back as more events are being added every week.