Scottish Rugby has a long and rich history, which perhaps surprisingly, isn’t dissimilar to that of football. Both rugby and football internationals were first played in Scotland. Both were Scotland vs. England. And both took place on a cricket ground.

Since Scotland took on England in Edinburgh in 1871 there has been keen rivalry between our two national teams. Each year we compete in The Calcutta Cup, a tradition that was been held every year since 1879, with the understandable exception of both World Wars.

Rugby is very much a ‘people’s sport’ in Scotland. In some areas it’s even more popular than football – and that’s saying something!

The home of Scottish rugby is the BT Murrayfield Stadium, one of the great sporting stadia of the world, and the largest sports venue in Scotland. Tours run both on and off season, but if you want to experience the real Murrayfield there’s nothing to beat taking in a game. Face paint is optional, but our Scottish Saltire flag looks great on anyone.

The Scottish Rugby Team

Scotland’s rugby team competes in the annual Six Nations Championship and has competed in every Rugby World Cup. Our team is currently ranked 8th in the Top 25 IRB World Rankings* and have had Grand Slam winning seasons three times.

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