Scottish Connections & Diaspora

"Scotland’s Diaspora" is used to describe the many people around the world who consider themselves to have an affinity and/or connection with Scotland.

So whether you have a family connection to Scotland, have lived, studied, worked or visited, or have a love for all things Scottish, then there is a strong chance you’re part of the Scottish diaspora. For generations, Scots have travelled the globe and settled abroad. These Scots embraced their new homelands, but also held on to their ties with Scotland and their sense of home a strong national identity. These people have helped build Scotland’s international reputation and celebrated and supported Scottish culture and heritage and helped establish the iconic recognition it enjoys today.

Today, Scotland’s diaspora includes present-day Scots; Scots who have either moved away from home, or are working abroad, and are helping to share the idea of a modern Scotland - a dynamic and innovative country. Scotland itself is home to a vibrant mix of cultures and people from other places; emerging diaspora groups who enrich the lives of their local communities. While some have come to live in Scotland permanently, others who have previously lived, studied or worked in Scotland for a period of time have returned home or moved elsewhere across the world.

The Scottish diaspora is a diverse and varied group who share a desire to keep a connection with Scotland and each other. wants to recognise the wide range of people who are connected to Scotland and celebrate the contribution they make in shaping the development and identity of our country.

Through this website and our social networks, we want to connect with our diaspora communities across the world, share information, celebrate our traditions, culture and heritage and strengthen Scotland’s voice on the world stage.

I consider myself part of Scottish diaspora – now what?

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