The rich and expanding Scottish language

English is the main language spoken in Scotland, although you will be surprised by the wide range of different accents and dialects spoken across the country. From the north to the south, east and west, and on each of the islands, differing accents are perceptible ranging from soft and sing-song to stronger and more pronounced.

In our richly historic and vibrantly traditional country, the ancient Celtic language of Gaelic is still spoken and, in fact, numbers of speakers are increasing. Scotland is proud to maintain its indigenous tongue as a part of Scottish language .

Scots Language

Aye Can

The British Sign Language (BSL) is the language of the deaf in Scotland.

Scotland is also home to another 150 different languages, spoken by a diverse and growing population. While some languages are spoken by only a few, others are the first language of entire communities.

Scotland is a friendly and welcoming country that celebrates cultural diversity. Other languages spoken include: Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Dutch, Farsi,  French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Makaton, Mandarin, Punjabi, Polish, Spanish, Turkish and Urdu.

English for speakers of other languages

Speaking the language of a country is very important for improving education or work opportunities. Our innovative English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programme offers people living in the Scotland an affordable way to learn and improve their English, and to get the most out of living in Scotland.