About Scottish Programmes

You’ve heard the phrase ‘quality over quantity’; well in Scotland we have both! As well as having more world-class universities per head of population than almost anywhere else in the world, we also rank top in the UK for student satisfaction. With more than 4,500 programmes in over 150 disciplines, find out what makes us special.

Bollywood Star receives honorary degree from University of Edinburgh

Shah Rukh Khan, star of classic Bollywood film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, filmed in Scotland, was awarded an honorary degree by HRH The Princess Royal.

Dundee tops ‘Best Place to Stay’ survey

Looking to relocate to Scotland? Make your way to the city by the Tay

First Minister’s statement on the results of the EU Referendum

First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, delivers her statement on the results of the EU Referendum.

Japan set to join Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships programme

Japanese postgraduates will soon be able to apply for funding to study at Scottish universities thanks to a flagship scholarship programme.

Our universities come out on top

Each year, many thousands of students travel from across the world to study in Scotland. Why? Well we have more world-class universities per head than almost anywhere else in the world and the highest concentration of universities in Europe. These a just a few reasons why international students choose to study in Scotland.

Scotland centre stage in fight for Climate Justice

Glasgow Forum will focus eyes of the world on environmental challenges

Scotland Is Now – A New Way of Looking at Scotland

The Scotland Is Now, campaign is a one-stop shop for everything that anyone needs to know about our incredible country.

Scotland is Pioneering

Larissa Slaney

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