#BeLikeStAndrew film

On the 30th November, Scotland is celebrating St Andrew's Day by sharing little acts of kindness with each other. Watch our #BeLikeStAndrew film here. 

A History of St Andrew

November 30th is St Andrew's Day in Scotland. The patronage of the saint whose name means 'manly' also covers fishmongers, gout, singers, sore throats, spinsters, maidens, old maids and women wishing to become mothers. But just who was Saint Andrew and how did he become the patron saint of Scotland?

A Tooth, an Armbone, a Kneecap and some Fingers

A night to celebrate Scotland

Fascinating Facts About St Andrew?

Did you know that along with Scotland, Saint Andrew is also the patron saint of Greece, Russia, Romania, and Barbados?

From Ayam Goreng to Boeuf Bourguignon

St Andrew's Day is celebrated far and wide, with the spirit of Scotland reaching from the east to west. Read on to find out what happens in Paris and Kuala Lumpur to mark the day of our patron saint from year to year.

Global celebrations of Scotland’s national day

An A-Z of where to find the best parties and celebrations of St Andrew's Day around the world.

St Andrew’s Day Tales and Traditions

There are many tales and traditions from across the world that exist around St Andrews Day, here are some of the most famous.​

Vodka and whisky: spirits of St Andrew

Achaia, Amalfi, Burgundy, Constantinople, Greece and Lampertheim in Germany also lay claim to St Andrew. As do anglers, fishmongers and fishermen.

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