The CPR: The Four Scotsmen Who Blazed A Trail Across Canada

On the 7th November 1885 in Craigellachie, British Columbia, Scotsman Donald Smith was given the honour of driving in the last spike on the newly-formed Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). The track united British Columbia, isolated in the west of Canada, with the east and remains a popular symbol of national unity in Canada to this day.

The University Founders: The Scotsmen That Shaped Canada’s Higher Education

In the month of October, some things can always be counted on across Scotland and Canada. Autumn begins to take a firm hold, turning the leaves incredible shades of gold, scarlet and orange. Also, university campuses bustle as the new academic year gets into full flow.

Thomas Douglas: From Highland Clearances to the Red River Colony

Thomas Douglas took the concept of giving, especially to those less fortunate, to impressive lengths. An incredible philanthropist, Douglas spent most of his life helping displaced Scots find a new home in Canada.

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