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The dictionary definition of 'canny' is prudent, thrifty or shrewd, which nicely sums up a nation with a long history with money and whose very 'canny-ness' brought about the emergence of its capital city, Edinburgh, as one of the biggest financial centres in Europe and home to two of the world's top 10 banks.

Brian, the heavy weight sea-snail

Weighing in at 30 tonnes and capable of generating 150 kilowatts, Brian is the world's first free-standing tidal energy turbine system, developed by Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen).

Drug discovery and development

Scotland, could make a fair claim to be called the home of medical science given the huge contributions the country has made in the study and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease, neuroscience and diabetes.

From Tillicoultry to Tokyo: Japan & Scotland links through the ages

Japan and Scotland may be on opposite sides of the globe, but the links between them, particularly in the business world, are many and varied.

Glasgow reinvented – the regeneration of Glasgow and the River Clyde

With Scotland's biggest city regenerated, it is time to rediscover Glasgow.

Medicine women

Scotland can boast some of the finest female doctors, not just currently but stretching all the way back to the earliest days of women in medicine. Theirs are stories of courage, tenacity and sheer Scottish determination!

New Innovation and Investment Hub opened in London

Scotland's latest Innovation and Investment Hub, Scotland House, has officially opened in London.

Our innovations give the world a helping hand

Scotland has a long history of innovation. Welcome to Scotland a country that helped pioneer MRI scanning, the ATM, cloning research, television, penicillin and immunology.

Renewable energy, a more sustainable future

A world-record wave in Scottish waters underlined the importance of the marine environment as a source of energy.

Science of the Sea

Scotland's coastal waters are host to an amazing array of riches: the finest seafood; rare marine wildlife; rich pockets of gas and oil; whales, porpoises and seals that inspire mythology and tourism alike. But the importance of Scotland's seas goes even deeper than that. . .

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