Scotland is home to many things, rolling hills, bustling cities, friendly faces and engineering innovations in abundance. For years upon years, Scotland has led the way and provided a backdrop to some of the world’s most innovative firsts. But when you’re contemplating a family relocation, it’s not just scenery that’s important. Education, healthcare and youth development are too – so it’s a good thing Dundee is no stranger to any of these things.

National Cash Registers (NCR) is a company which has followed the Scottish trend of innovation. After all, they designed the world’s first cash machine in Dundee over 40 years ago. Today, NCR continue to create the financial technology to power countless operations – whether it’s a local business or a global corporation. NCR’s products are exported to around 180 countries globally and, to put it simply, anything and everything to do with cash handling – NCR has it covered.

Ajit Choudhari, a German Citizen of Indian origin moved to Dundee to join NCR as a Senior Mechanical Hardware Engineer in 2015. Asked why he chose Scotland as his home, Ajit says it’s down to NCR always being at the forefront, and evolving through time. He also credited Dundee itself as having lured him in:

I did have multiple job offers across the United Kingdom at that time. Before taking any final decision of relocating, I toured all those places with my family. We were instantly attracted to Dundee and the prospect of living and working in creative, innovative Scotland.

Having a young son meant that when deciding where to relocate, Ajit had to seriously consider aspects of Scottish life such as education and healthcare. He loved the idea of living close to his workplace and having everything his family needs, right on their doorstep.

Scotland helps strike the right balance between family and work. You don’t have to spend hours in travelling to work. You have all the facilities a stable family life looks for. For example, my son can be part of the best schooling and education system.

NCR is heavily involved in government initiatives that emphasise the importance of exposing young people to the STEM industries and relies on the skills and expertise of those who are trained in industries relating to Engineering, Mathematics, Technology and Business Management.

Ajit, along with his colleagues has personally represented NCR in local secondary schools where they have supported the students in developing transferable employability skills. With his son in mind, Ajit as well as NCR believes it extremely important to build young people’s interests in areas considered more obscure, like Science and Technology.

The business’ involvement with schools and young people emphasises its goal to be at the cutting edge of the industry, but Ajit notes that, although work and education are extremely important to him, he couldn’t escape the human aspect of a life in Dundee and that the people also attracted him to build a life here:

Before moving to Scotland I was overwhelmed by the support received from my colleagues at NCR. We hadn’t decided on a place to stay yet and so I really relied on the generous contributions of my peers at work to understand where the best schools and areas to live were for my family.

NCR as a business has a pioneering reputation when it comes to its products and with a rise in female engineers being reflected in the number of women represented in engineering at NCR, the company clearly benefits from existing in Scotland, where the Scottish Government gives businesses ample opportunity to grow and expand.

Ajit is clearly very happy with his decision to settle in Dundee, urging others to consider Scotland if looking to move their business or indeed their lives somewhere new:

It has a strong and stable infrastructure which is constantly being upgraded. There is a right mix of skill sets available and being nurtured to meet demand for the industry. It is this place where industry and community are interwoven into natural fabric.

With the famous jute mills no longer making the fabric that Dundee is famous for, it’s still clear to Ajit that the city is a hub of innovation, with NCR providing a global means for Scotland to showcase this.

Despite everything that Scotland and Dundee have to offer there is still no escaping it’s beauty, and Ajit was impressed by the variety of landscapes just a stone’s throw away:

Something else that I love is that the cities are not too far apart, neither are seas, high mountains and forests, so you can really make the most of your spare time and travel the country to discover new hidden gems. Photographs do not do Scotland justice. You need to be here to experience it.

Whatever you might be looking for Scotland is the ideal place to move, whether it’s your business, your life or just a temporary visit.

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