Transiris specialise in strategy, infrastructure, and solutions in areas such as big data, data analytics, robotic process automation, digital marketing, and marketing automation. They chose Scotland not only because of our history of innovation, but also our data science capabilities, and competitive business infrastructure.

Workplaces generally develop by targeting the very best people and Transiris founder and CEO, Silvian Centiu recognises that Scottish universities are some of the best in the world. He knows that being located here will help the company tap into both the talent and research coming out of these academic institutions. He also knows that Scotland has a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship - these factors combined make an excellent business infrastructure for a growing company such as Transiris.

Silvian said:

The strong communication, friendliness and openness to change that we’ve seen in Scotland, combined with capability and high professionalism, will give us the competitive advantage we’re looking for. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the support in the business environment is comparable to Silicon Valley, which is a place we thought was unparalleled in that respect. We’ve found the support in Scotland to be significant, in every area that we looked at, in terms of space, financial instruments, connectivity, universities and more.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the company also has offices in Spain, Romania and Austria. This international presence really indicates the ambition to find and secure the world’s best talent in data technology.

Silvian points out that they weren’t totally sure what to expect when they got here and arrived open-minded – but with limited knowledge about Scotland. However, once they got here, they were really impressed with the quality of the universities and the workforce. Such was the impact, that some of the company’s global workforce have given indications that they would like to relocate to Scotland.

The people in Scotland were one of the most influential factors for Transiris when it came to choosing locations to invest in. They were particularly impressed with the people being so warm, welcoming and tolerant, which is important for any global workforce.

As well as this, it also helps that in Scotland there is a good mix of lifestyle options and an environment that’s conducive to travel, sports, activities and so on. There’s a good blend of daytime and evening activities, which is an important factor for both families and young people.

Silvian believes that Scotland is Now because of the skilled workforce that is developing at a rapid pace. Scotland provides the cultural aspect of change, innovation, and an openness to new opportunities which drives both economic activity and progress in every area of life, technology and culture.

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