Here, we take a whistle-stop tour of St Andrew's Day festivities enjoyed around the world. Buckle up!

An A-Z of St Andrew's Day celebrations

Legend has it that the monk St. Regulus (or St Rule) was instructed to take St Andrew's remains to the 'ends of the earth' for safe keeping. It is fitting therefore that his feast day should be celebrated not just in Scotland, but in the farthest flung corners of the world.

They may not all be held on 30 November or run quite according to the traditional plan, but the various St Andrew's Day festivities all share one thing in common a celebration of everything that makes Scotland great.


With over 15 million Australians claiming some form of UK ancestry, its no surprise to discover that November is a busy month for the local St Andrew's Societies, among them the Toowoomba branch in Queensland which hosts a St Andrew's Night.


Of course, not all of the countries in which St Andrew's Day is celebrated share Scotland's invigorating climate. In Brazil, for instance, the St Andrew's Society of Sao Paulo marks the occasion with a picnic and BBQ.


Choose from St Andrew's Balls in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, among others. To avoid sore toes on the night, many of the societies offer Scottish country dance lessons beforehand.


The Caledonian Society in Beijing holds a St Andrew's Day Ball in November. The celebrations combine Scottish pageantry, ceremony, music, dance and whisky.

Czech Republic

Party in Prague where the local Caledonian Club hosts a traditional Scottish ceilidh in November.


Every year, the British Ambassador and his representatives attend the local Caledonian Society St Andrew's Day Ball in Copenhagen. The Society dates back to 1949 when it was established as a Scottish/Danish friendship society with the aim of deepening cultural understanding between the two countries. Over a dram or two of whisky no doubt!


The Caledonian Society of Dubai holds a St Andrews Day Ball in November.


Her Majesty's Ambassador to France holds a Scottish evening usually in December. The Ball has taken place in the chandeliered splendour of the Cercle National des Armes, Paris, in previous years.

Hong Kong

The Pipes and Drums of the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Pipe Band often grace the St Andrew's Society Ball in November at The Hong Kong Football Club. You can also track down The Hong Kong Highlanders, an extremely active society formed by a group of expatriate Scots in 1988. They hold their St Andrews Dance in late November.


The British High Commission in Mumbai holds a St Andrews Day event in November.


Make for the ancient capital where The Caledonian Society of Rome often holds a St Andrew's Day Ball in December.


Join a 70-strong UK police contingent, plus a host of other revellers at the Embassy Club in Amman for a St Andrews Day party in November.


Given all the links, trade and otherwise, between the Netherlands and Scotland, its no surprise to see The St Andrew's Society of The Netherlands host a Ball in November.


Established in 1877, The Selangor St Andrew's Society is one of the oldest Loyal Societies in Malaysia. It holds a St Andrew's Day Ball in November.

Saudi Arabia

The British Consulates Caledonian Society often holds a St Andrews Day Ball in Jeddah.


Where better to celebrate St Andrew's Day than in the town named after him? Every year, St Andrews, the capital of Fife embarks on a week-long festival featuring some things you might expect, like Celtic music, ceilidhs and fireworks and others you wouldn't, such as the "Golden Spurtle Award" for the best bowl of porridge in Fife, magic and witchcraft.


The Singapore St Andrews Society has an annual St Andrews Day Ball.


Following hot on the heels of Thanksgiving, St Andrews Day Balls will be held throughout the length and breadth of the country, from St Louis and Baton Rouge to Cincinnati, New York and Washington.


The Caledonian Society often holds a St Andrew's Day Ball in Lusaka.

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