"St Andrews is a special place – one in ten of our students meet their future partner here, and our title as Britain's top match-making university signifies so much that is good about this community."  St Andrew's University

Prince William proposed to Kate during a trip to Kenya with friends but the couple first met in 2001 as undergraduates at St Andrews University on the east coast of Scotland. Miss Middleton had been credited with persuading the prince to stay on at university as he struggled to adjust during his first year.

The couple got married in April 2011 which coincided with St Andrews University's 600th anniversary celebrations.

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The story of St Andrews

According to legend, the town of St Andrews came into existence in the eighth century when the Bishop of Patras was warned by an Angel to move the bones of Saint Andrew from Greece for safe keeping. The Bishop took up the mission and sailed to 'the ends of earth' with the Saint's remains. Shipwrecked on 'the promontory of the boars' in Scotland, he was taken in by a Pictish King who later renamed the location in the Saint's honour.

As the town grew, so too did its religious and academic significance. In 1318, the Cathedral was consecrated in the presence of Robert the Bruce and later, in 1413, the University was officially recognised with a Papal Bull. This marked St Andrews as the birthplace of higher education in Scotland and the third oldest university in the English-speaking world.

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