Fair Saturday

This year, St Andrew’s Day is going to be really something – and with your help, we can make it that extra bit special!

St Andrew is Scotland’s patron saint, and on 30 November every year we come together with fellow Scots and Scots-at-heart all around the world to celebrate our national day – St Andrew’s Day. Whether it’s attending exciting events, supporting local communities or finding your own special way to celebrate, St Andrew’s Day is an excellent opportunity to showcase the very best parts of Scotland and the characteristics of its people and those who choose to call it home.

Scotland has a unique, diverse and inclusive culture that is renowned globally for being warm, friendly and caring. And what better way to celebrate Scotland’s national day than to fully embrace these attributes that make us so great, and perform an act of kindness for someone else. If we can all come together to do one small act, they can all add up to make one huge impact!

Whether it’s buying someone in line a coffee, visiting with an elderly neighbour, or spending a couple of hours helping out a charity, taking the time to perform an act of kindness can make a real difference and #MakeSomeonesDay.

This year there are tonnes of opportunities to get involved and celebrate St Andrew’s Day. As well as exciting national events happening up and down the country between 16 November and 3 December, there will also be an amazing programme of smaller, community-led events that are open to everyone.

Fair Saturday

Alongside these events, this year we’re also partnering up with Fair Saturday, an incredible non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the world through arts and culture. Fair Saturday acknowledges that art and culture are incredibly powerful forces for good and can make the world a better place.

The shared ethos of St Andrew’s Day and Fair Saturday make this collaboration a perfect partnership. Both hold a shared set of values (kindness to others, fairness, equality and inclusivity) at the centre of their creation.

With so much going on around the country, it's a good idea to do a little planning to make sure you see what you want. Thankfully there's a handy app that give all the info you need on the incredible Fair Saturday events happening around Scotland.

Fair Saturday App

Started in 2015, in Bilbao, Spain, Fair Saturday is a global movement with a positive cultural message that takes place at the end of November every year. The day has continued to grow year on year, with last year seeing an amazing 582 shows take place in 114 cities, involving 10,000 artists. These attracted 127,000 attendances and generated 191,000 Euros for worthy social causes.

This year, Scotland will be celebrating Fair Saturday on 1 December, the day after St Andrew’s Day, with a programme crammed full of amazing events. While some of these events are ticketed, all are created to ensure cultural celebration supports local social causes and each event will document and champion the cause close to its heart.

Many of the events taking part in the programme are actually free and attendees can simply make a donation on the day. The great thing about this, is that it means you can enjoy a great day out and make a difference for someone else at the same time!

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