The legacy of Robert Burns is well-known around the world. Statues can be found everywhere from America to Australia and the impact of his works can be felt in everything from the world’s greatest authors and musicians right through to some of history’s most iconic world leaders.

However, an impressive new project by the Centre for Robert Burns Studies and the University of Glasgow has set out to showcase just how far reaching Burns’ impact still is to this day. This multi-national team of professors, scholars and researchers have developed an incredible new interactive map that details more than 2500 Burns events from nearly 150 different countries around the world – including an Antarctica Burns Night!

As well as details on each of the events, the interactive map also features more than 900 images and 280 videos. These amazing assets bring real life to the project and give everyone the chance to experience first-hand what Burns events look like around the world.

But – they’re not done yet, and are keen to continue to add as many Burns events as possible to this ever-growing list. The team behind the project are actively encouraging events who do not feature on the list to get in touch and help them grow this rich collection of information.

If you host a burns event and would like to get in touch with the team to add yours to the map, you can email them at or use #VirtualBurnsNight.