Your health is the most important thing you have. Scotland like all other countries around the world faces a variety of healthcare challenges. In areas such as nursing, maternity care and mental health, there are global challenges to which Scotland is responding with innovative strategies. In other areas such as diet, heart disease and stroke, with uniquely Scottish factors to consider including lifestyle and environment, Scotland is rising to meet the challenges of delivering effective healthcare and public health policy.

Scotland is taking a global lead in improving healthcare, addressing public health challenges, reducing inequalities, and embracing new diagnostic technology. Specialist centres and groups such as the Nursing, Midwifery, and Allied Health Professions Research Unit, the Public Health Reform Programme, and the Digital Health & Care Institute, are helping to lead the way, and are attracting international attention. 

In Scotland our life science, medical and pharmaceutical sectors are world leading. Combined with innovative research, national collaboration and the empowering potential of digital insights, Healthcare in Scotland is being transformed. Make your next meeting one where ideas can be shared with a wide community of experts and where inspiration is built in. Scotland is where Ideas Become Legend.

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Hear from Dr Timothy Walsh, Research and Development Director at NHS Lothian, on why Scotland is an outstanding country in which to do health research.

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Public Health Reform Scotland

Health and wellbeing for people in Scotland has seen quite remarkable improvements over the centuries. Much of this improvement has been due to public health action.  Public health can be defined as the science and art of promoting and protecting health through the organised efforts of society. 

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Digital Health & Care Institute: The Scottish Digital Health and Care Landscape

Scotland is recognised as one of the global leaders in the development of digital health and care. The digital technology sector is the fastest growing economic sector in Scotland with digital health the fastest growing life sciences sector.

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Digital Health and Care Institute: Demonstration & Simulation Environment

The Digital Health and Care Institute, is one of eight innovation centres and a national resource tasked with developing digital tools and services to address the key challenges in the provision of health and care across Scotland, while creating opportunities for Scottish companies to develop and market innovative solutions around the world.  

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The Nursing, Midwifery & Allied Health Professions Research Unit

Scotland continues to face significant challenges in poor population health due to persistent health inequalities and intergenerational deprivation. Our health and social care systems need to adapt and develop in order to respond to these challenges.

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