Scotland is a land of incredible food and drink. The success of this key export sector has been founded on an amazing diversity of products, unique and unspoiled farming conditions, and innovation and collaboration amongst producers to share knowledge and learn from each other. Boasting one of Europe’s longest coast lines, Scottish waters produce over 60 species of seafood, and nearly two thirds of all langoustines in the world come from Scotland. The UK’s largest food export is Scottish Salmon, and iconic Scottish whiskey is famed and sought after all over the world for its taste and quality.

But behind Scotland’s natural larder lies science, innovation and collaboration. To transform small scale local delicacies into global exports requires knowledge sharing across industries and between businesses, to learn from the stories of others and apply new production methods to different products. In aquaculture, livestock veterinary research, soil science and crop biology, Scotland is home to dedicated research and innovation centres – these centres connect science and industry, translating research into improvements in product and process, and ensuring research is focused in areas of benefit. In a rapidly changing world, with rapidly changing consumer behaviour, Scotland is bursting with opportunity. Make your next meeting one where ideas can be shared with a wide community of experts and where inspiration is built in. Scotland is where Ideas Become Legend.

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Hear from James Withers, CEO of Scotland Food and Drink, on why Scotland is an amazing food and drink destination, producing iconic products like Scottish Whiskey and Scottish Salmon, and how the industry responds to rapid change to stay globally competitive.

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Scottish Aquaculture Innovation

With waves up to three times higher than normal, stronger currents and deeper waters, offshore fish farming is no mean feat. On these ‘high energy’ sites, jobs as seemingly straightforward as feeding fish can become a significant undertaking because of the extremity of the elements.

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Scotland Food and Drink

It’s good to reflect on the importance of sourcing local at the hundreds of business events that come to our shores each year. Far from being a simply functional aspect of any kind of business gathering, giving guests a taste of local and regional produce, and the story behind it, can serve to enhance their entire event experience

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Xelect is a fast-growing business serving the exciting and fast-paced aquaculture industry around the world. Genetic-led selective breeding works alongside a range of other exciting new technologies to shape fish farming for a more sustainable future.

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Peas and Podberry

Bruce Farms, has recently launched a new freeze-dried seasoned pea snack called Podberry. A new innovative healthy snacking product created from fresh peas.

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East Coast Cured

East Coast Cured celebrates the very best of Scottish produce, sourcing meats directly from local farms to create a range of outstanding Scottish charcuterie. In their short time in business they have worked with some of Edinburgh's best chefs and picked up a number of awards for their products. 

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