Scotland for centuries and to this day is an academic powerhouse that is also powering the world. In 2017, Scotland become the world leader in sourcing energy from renewable sources. Add that to our reputation for Oil & Gas innovation, Scotland is truly a place where ideas for energising the world become legend.

Already home to legendary energy events such as All Energy, the UK’s leading renewable energy and low carbon innovation event, home to internationally renowned organisations such as Scottish Renewables and now the site of the largest tidal energy project in the world, the MeyGen Tidal Array, Scotland offers your event plentiful engagement opportunities that leave lasting legacies for your event, the local energy community and future generations.

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Hear from Ewen Cameron, Head of Trade & Investment: Energy Scottish Development International on the importance of the energy sector in Scotland, its latest innovations and its impact on the world.

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Scottish Renewables

We spoke to Claire Mack, CEO of Scottish Renewables, about Scotland’s successful renewable energy projects and Scotland’s ambition to create a clean, bright, energy future.

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