Legendary, an appropriate description of Scotland’s ongoing contribution to the world. In the past it has been engineering feats such as the Forth Bridge to historic life science moments like the world’s first cloned mammal, Dolly. Scotland continues to lead the way creating ideas that have and will change the world. Discover here Scotland’s leading strengths in an array of different subjects. Every event wants to create ideas, these ideas lead to change and Scotland is the place where ideas become LEGEND.

Scotland thrives on creative thinking, from traditional crafts such as art, textiles sought after by the most luxurious fashion houses and traditional music to leading the world in computer game and graphic design, internationally acclaimed architecture, a pioneer in software and computer services to proving one of the world’s busiest live music stages for the world’s latest music innovators.

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Read below blogs from Scotland's creative experts:

Publishing Scotland

Publishing Scotland, now in its 44th year, is the trade, network and development body for the book publishing industry. A membership organisation with over 100 members across Scotland, it represents large companies such as HarperCollins and Canongate to small publishing houses, societies, and freelance workers.

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Stewart Christie & Co

Some of Scotland’s greatest cultural icons of the past 700 years were given a fashion makeover at an event to celebrate the strength and depth of the country’s creative and textile sector.

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Harris Tweed

What is it about Harris Tweed that leaves the heart racing? What is it that makes people want more? Why do people long to be a part of the Harris Tweed story? Here are Five Reasons Why. 

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Robin Haig

I am a director from Kintail, an area of the Scottish Highlands. My films, which have screened internationally, are inspired by the people, landscape and history of this area.

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CABN: Creative Arts Business Network

The Creative Arts Business Network (CABN)  is part of Live Borders Arts & Creativity and supports a diverse mix of artists, writers, musicians,  performers, designers and makers,  as well as a range of organisations and venues.

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Wigtown Book Festival

Founded in 1999, the ten day Wigtown Book Festival is now one of the UK's best-loved literary events and this year has more than 200 events and activities for all ages, including music, theatre, food and visual arts.

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The Bunbury Banter

We spoke to Ali Anderson-Dyer, Director and co-founder of Bunbury Banter Theatre Company, a company that specialises in high quality new and experimental theatre and audio that was originally based in London but is now at home in Dumfries and Galloway.

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Young Legends: Michael Harkins

In this blog we meet Michael Harkins, an award winning young entrepreneur on a mission to make learning to swim easier and more fun. Michael Harkins is the founder and CEO of Turtle Pack. Turtle Pack is a unique and innovative swimming aid for children aged 3-6 that makes learning to swim more fun and more efficient.

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