Scotland the world over teamed up with Blipfoto to create an amazing film called 'Scotland the World Over'.

How the film was created

We invited all you Scotland lovers to help us create this unique film by taking and uploading a photo of a saltire. Simple! And you did not disappoint, with shots coming from far and wide – from a Chinese school to an Inuit village, and from Times Square to Bondi Beach, people around the globe have come together to help create an iconic, quirky and captivating short film that celebrates a love of Scotland.

The film is a social media collaboration involving more than 1,500 people from all over the globe, and was created using 715 images, frame by frame, with a Saltire in the centre of the frame taken between St Andrew’s Day and Burns Night. Everyone who took part in the project will get their credit in the final piece.

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Last updated 27 Nov 2012