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International students have been flocking to Scotland to study for many years. When deciding to study abroad, many students pick Scotland because it has some of the world’s best universities. You may not know this, but Scotland actually has more world-class universities per person than anywhere else. On top of this, according to the Office of National Statistics, Scotland is the most highly educated country in Europe. With statistics like that, it’s easy to see why so many international students choose to study here. If you are considering  joining the ranks of students studying in Scotland, you may be eligible for Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships. The Saltire Scholarships are specially intended to help ease the financial pressures of studying overseas.

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships is a substantial programme of scholarships designed to endorse Scottish universities as a destination for international students. The awards are offered to overseas students as part of a wider strategy to promote Scotland as a study destination, and to showcase Scotland’s higher education offering in international markets. They also help us to attract the very best young minds.

The scholarships were first offered in 2009 and since then have helped thousands of students in achieving their higher education goals. The scholarships are co-funded between the Scottish Government and the 18 Higher Education Institutions across Scotland. Initially offering amounts of £2,000 to students from China, India and the US, the scholarships have evolved over the last decade. The award value doubled to £4,000, and is now also available to students from Canada and Pakistan, increasing the reach for potential scholars.

International students are hugely important to Scotland’s educational identity, with over 50,000 studying in Scotland each year. Scotland actually has the highest percentage of international students of all four United Kingdom nations, at around 21%. International students make important and valuable contributions to the universities around the country. That’s why we offer Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships: knowing that international students enrich the academic, cultural and social environment for Scottish-domiciled students, as well as contributing to the wider community.

Previous recipients of the scholarships are quick to point out the importance of the extra financial help they received, and how it helped them achieve their goal of studying in Scotland. For Emily Boggs, from Ohio USA, Edinburgh University had always appealed due to its long history of academic excellence and consistent reputation as one of the top universities in the world. Asked about the Saltire Scholarship, she said:

“I am extremely grateful to the Saltire Scholarship for enabling my journey across the Atlantic to attend one of the world’s best institutions. I know that the Saltire Scholarship programme will continue providing such an inspiring experience to more students from around the world”.

The Saltire Scholarships are designed to help support the promotion of Scotland as a Learning Nation and a Science Nation. With that in mind, the scholarships are aimed at helping students undertaking subjects linked to these areas. The list of subjects covered is massive, with everything from life sciences to financial services. You can find a fuller list of eligible subjects by clicking here.

Applications for the 2017 scholarships opened this week, and will stay open until mid-May. The scholarships cover all levels of higher education, from undergraduate degrees to Masters and even PhD’s. The £4,000 award will be in the form of a fee reduction upon enrolment into any of the 18 Scottish higher education institutions. If you would like to learn more about the scholarships, our extensive FAQ page can help answer your questions.

If you have applied to a Scottish university, and have received a conditional or unconditional offer, why not see if you are eligible for a Saltire Scholarship?

(Please note, applications for 2017/18 are now closed). 

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Last updated 15 May 2017