Hame is where the heart is

Scots poet, Mary Symon’s moving and poignant poem ‘Hame’, was projected across six different prominent Scottish landmarks to inspire and excite Scots at home and abroad about our national day - St Andrew's Day, Monday 30th November:

Take a look at the images below, showing the projections across the Tron Kirk and Usher Hall in Edinburgh, Glasgow Science Centre and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, Scone Palace in Perth and Schiehallion Munro, all set to the music of Scottish ceilidh band Whisky Kiss.

Hame by Mary Symon

(St Andrew's Day under the Southern Cross)

GOD bless our land, our Scotland,
    Grey glen an' misty brae,
The blue heights o' the Coolins,
    The green haughs yont the Spey,
The weary wastes on Solway,
    Snell winds blaw owre them a' —
But aye it's Hame, lad,
Yours an' mine, lad,
    Shielin' or ha'.
        It's Hame, it's Hame for ever,
            Let good or ill betide!
        The croon o' some dear river,
            The blink o' ae braeside.

God bless our land; it's yonder –
    Far in the cold North Sea:
But 'neath the old Saint's glamour
    It's calling you an' me:
Your feet tread Libyan deserts,
    Mine press the wattle's bloom,
But to-night we stand together
    Among the broom.
        It's Hame, it's Hame for ever,
            Let shore or sea divide!
        The croon o' some dear river,
            The blink o' ae braeside.

God bless our land. We dream o't —
    The days aye brakin' fine
On the lang, lane glints o' heather
    In the glens we kent langsyne.

Ay, we are Reubens, rovers,
    'Neath mony an alien star,
But flaunt the blue flag o'er us,
    Pipe up the " Braes o' Mar,"
And steppe and nullah vanish,
    And pomp and pelf and fame —
It's gloamin' — on a lown hillside,
An' lads, . . . We're . . . Hame.

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Last updated 16 Nov 2016